The Cobbler's Children Finally Have Some New Shoes!

Posted in Announcements by John Learn on 28 February 2014

At long last, we finally have a new website! It's somewhat ridiculous that a self-proclaimed website design and development company could let our old site get to the state it did. No matter, we're now shiny and up-to-date!

At least for the next couple of years or so. sigh.


So anyway, what's new?

A Brand New Design Featuring Our Updated Logo!

Begone bright orange! Well, ok... there's still some in our logo. But it's a bit less overpowering now.

A Bucketload of New Case Studies!

Our portfolio was somewhat sparse before. Now there's a lot more to see and a lot more to come.


Ok, we made that word up. But, at any rate, the site looks nice and remains functional on tablets and mobile phones.

We really hope you like the changes. Please let us know.