Are you looking for a Laravel specialist?

Laravel LogoWe're Logicbrush Studios and we build complex websites and web-based applications with Laravel.

Laravel is a PHP framework that's designed to simplify and speed up development for those websites that provide a bit more functionality than your typical "brochure-style" site. If you want to build a site that does serious stuff — this is your framework.

We have dozens of Laravel projects under our collective belt — from version 4, all the way up to the latest release. We're experienced with upgrades, too — migrating code and template files to work with new versions of the framework.

We can assist with...

  • Major & minor version upgrades
  • Custom development
  • Theme development
  • Troubleshooting
  • General questions
  • Training

Please get in touch using our contact form or call us at (215) 290-0636. We'd love to hear about your project and tell you a bit more about what we can do!

And yes, we do offer white label support.