Get ready for the results list.

SEO gets a bad rap, but that’s only because the majority of agencies that specialize in it are crooks. Ok, that’s a bit of hyperbole (maybe), but does often seem that there’s a lot of snake oil being sold in the search engine optimization marketplace.

Maybe it’s best if we start out with a list of the things we won’t do:

We won’t promise you first position on Google.

First position for which search terms? In which regions? For how long? For how much? We will promise you effective result listings with reliable rankings that drive traffic, generate leads, and don’t kill your budget to maintain.

We won’t give you a “free SEO analysis”.

The “O” in SEO stands for optimization. You can’t optimize for something if you don’t know what that something is. Many of the things you do to optimize for one objective will make things less optimal for a different objective. It’s a balancing act. So let’s talk! Let’s understand your business and document your objectives — figure out where it is you want to compete! This is going to require a bit more dialogue than typing your URL into a form field.

We won’t disappear when the job’s “done”.

This will be an ongoing battle. Competition is fierce and the environment is always changing. We’ll be in it with you for the long haul — that’s how our process is designed. We’ll let you know when rankings are slipping (they will) and we’ll help you take the steps to fix them.

We will get you found. We will get you leads. We will prove it.

We will work with you to develop a consistent,  maintainable, measurable strategy for generating real leads from organic (free) search.