Retainer Policy

In order to make scheduling a bit more consistent, we offer a significant discount off of our standard hourly rate for prepayment of development services. 

Here's how our plan works:

  1. At the beginning of each calendar month, you'll receive an invoice for eight hours, prepaid at a 20% discount.
  2. When you pay that invoice promptly, you're committing to utilize a significant portion of those hours (see #4) over the course of the month. Prepaid hours are nonrefundable.
  3. In exchange, we book time for your projects into our monthly schedule and prioritize tasks for the beginning of the month. This ensures our availability to complete your project activities.
  4. If you don't utilize all of your booked hours, you may roll over up 25% to the next month. Please be sure to regularly utilize your booked ours in order to remain eligible for the plan.
  5. If you exceed eight hours of work, that's fine — all hours worked during the month will receive the discounted rate. These will be billed weekly, Net 15. We thank you for paying promptly.
  6. If you consistently require more than eight hours per month, we can increase the prepayment in increments of eight hours. Your discount won't increase, but your billing will be more predictable and availability is ensured.
  7. Commitment is month-to-month; you can pause or reactivate a retainer at any time — just let us know.

Please be advised, access to the retainer plan is limited based on our availability. We won't enroll more clients than we can accommodate. Current participants have priority.

Questions? Call (215) 290-0636 to discuss.

This policy was last updated September 1st, 2022.