Retainer Policy

In order to simplify billing, we offer our clients a retainer/prepayment option. When enrolled, clients receive a discount on their hourly rate:

  1. Shortly prior to the first Monday of the month, we will review each client’s current retainer balance. If the balance is below $500, we will invoice the client for an additional $500, due prior to the start of upcoming month for activities to be performed therein.
  2. With the retainer payment, the client is entitled to a discount of 20% off our standard hourly rate. This applies to ALL work performed during the month, even that in excess of the prepaid balance.
  3. Retainer payments are nonrefundable, but do not expire. If you do not use all of your retainer balance during the course of the month, it will roll over automatically to the following month.
  4. Retainer discounts apply only to hourly work performed. They do not apply to quoted projects, expenses, hosting or license fees.
  5. We will send weekly payment receipts that let you know the current balance of your retainer. Check the “notes” field at the bottom of the PDF for your balance.
  6. For clients that exceed their retainer balance, we will send a standard, net-30 invoice. Please pay this invoice within 30 days to continue to be eligible for the discounted rate.