Maintenance Pro Plan

In order to simplify billing, we offer our clients a Maintenance Pro Plan subscription option. When enrolled, clients receive a discount on their hourly rate:

  1. For a regular monthly fee of $100, any hourly, project-related activities will be invoiced at a discount of 20% off of our standard rate.
  2. Subscribers will receive priority scheduling of projects, deployments and support. Scheduling for non-subscribers is first-come, first served.
  3. Invoices for work performed will be sent at the end of the month. Please pay these within 15 days to remain eligible for the plan.
  4. There is no minimum hourly purchase. If you have no tasks for us one month, you’re only out the $100. Sorry, the fee is nonrefundable, but you can cancel your subscription at any time.
  5. The subscription fee will be billed automatically through our Chargebee account. If you’re hosting with us, you’ll be familiar with the process.

 The subscription becomes advantageous to you if, on average, you have 4 or more hours worth of development tasks for us over the course of the month. If not, you’re better off paying the standard rate.