R&S Design is an information technologies services company located in the greater Philadelphia region.  They offer a variety of services including hardware and network planning, implementation and support.  Additionally, R&S Design is a reseller and maintainer of Parrish Data Systems church management programs.  They primarily support regional small businesses and therefore require an up-to-date and easy-to-manage website. Their existing website was fairly static and did not offer their customers the information or user experience they desired.

R&S Design asked LogicBrush to help them redesign their site and add some new features such as a weblog with RSS feeds to better support their customers.  R&S Design also wanted their site to be accessible from the ever growing number of mobile devices.  To best meet these needs, a SilverStripe website was created for R&S Design.  The SilverStripe content management system, implemented in PHP and compatible with both MySQL and SQL Server databases, marries a powerful, customizable development framework with a simple and intuitive content-management back-end.  SilverStripe also allows developers to create themes that style the content, perfect for providing different user experiences on web and mobile browsers.