Anne & Nate, LLC

Anne Savage and Nate Guggenheim are Realtors operating in the Washington, DC metro area. In early December of 2009, Nate contacted LogicBrush Studios (née Valkyrie Software) about redesigning their website. Nate had theretofore managed the website himself using Adobe Dreamweaver, but parts of the site were built in Flash by a previous developer and were impossible to update. Additionally, the process of updating property listings in HTML was cumbersome. He was looking to find an easier way of managing his site's content.

After discussing various options with Nate, LogicBrush was tasked to build a Joomla!-based website for him and Anne so that they could easily share new property listings with potential customers, keep their existing clients up to date of important events, and generally update site content by themselves. This was a full re-implementation of their website, which included development of a custom-designed Joomla! template to provide a personalized look & feel.

Along with the website, we developed a corresponding series of flash-based advertisements for display on, a regional real estate weblog.  These advertisements were specifically designed to echo the personality of the website and provide a bit of animation to draw the eye of visitors.