Animated Closet

Animated Closet is a boutique clothing store in New York City that had an existing web presence.  They approached LogicBrush to help them redesign and re-implement their site to make it easier to update their growing fashion offerings while simultaneously providing a more intuitive e-commerce solution.  One of Animated Closet's major concerns was being able to have a non-web developer be able to add and change content on the site.

After discussing a number of options with Animated Closet, LogicBrush was asked to create a SilverStripe based web site.  SilverStripe is a PHP-based content management system that provides an easy-to-use interface that is perfect for managing the dynamic content of an ever changing clothing designer.  We designed and built a site for Animated Closet that complements their company's cutting edge fashion products and offers their customers a more consistent and feature filled online store.